WA-DI Photos and Videos

Welcome to Destination Imagination in Washington! Feel free to browse the site and enjoy the photos.  The lower right hand of your browser controls what may be done with a photo.  All photos may be shared via an email link so others mnay be directed to the photo.  All photos can be downloaded in their original resolution to allow for better print photographs or digital display.  When viewing a photo , simply click in the down arrow in the lower right corner to download the photo.  You may also select hte size of the image you wish to view. Last, you may also click on the BUY button in the lower right hand corner and SmugMug - the vendor for this site - will be happy to produce standard prints, mugs, calenadrs and more of your favorite photos.  Prices are set by SmugMug and WA DI does not receive any compensation for providing this service.

Please send your photos and videos and we'll post them on the site.  Simple send an email to photos@wa-di.org or videos@wa-di.org and tell us the team and the types of material you have.  We'll contact you with a cloud-based location to transfer the files so we receive full resolution formats.  Thanks!

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